Comprehensive solutions for global energy and industrial markets

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As a leading provider of flow equipment products, systems, and services to worldwide oil, gas, and process industries, we’re there where you are with innovative solutions and practical know-how.

Leveraging our global manufacturing, engineering, and sales and service network, we work with drilling contractors, oil and gas producers, pipeline operators, refiners, and other process owners to control, direct, adjust, process, and measure pressures and flows.

Through innovative organic development and strategic acquisition, we have built a broad portfolio of ASME and API valves that services the demands of global drilling, production, pipeline, storage, transmission, and critical service applications.

Any pipeline. Any product. Anywhere.

Valves and valve services for accurate, zero-leakage product segregation to increase uptime and safety.

Customized, expansive portfolio of daily service and high-spec valves engineered for safe and reliable operation.

Increase uptime and safety with high-quality valves and valve services for accurate, zero-leakage product segregation.

Reduce downtime and improve performance with durable, field-proven valve solutions for some of the most abrasive, high-pressure onshore and offshore drilling applications.

Cameron solutions for critical and high-temperature service.

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