The ClydeUnion Pumps CUP-OH2 pump is a heavy duty, single stage, radially split, overhung, end suction machine, designed and manufactured to the latest edition of API 610. The CUP-OH2 pumps have stringent API noise and vibration limits which are met, due to a rigid pump body with 360 degrees bearing support and heavy centerline mounting. Reliable operation at elevated temperatures is ensured due to a number of cooling methodologies complementing inherently cool running bearing modules. A back pull-out design allows the complete rotating assembly to be removed without disturbing the suction or discharge pipework. ClydeUnion Pumps legacy brands including HHS, DB10, SMK and H-OP provide the industry with a very comprehensive hydraulic coverage.


CUP-OH2 – Single stage, API end suction pump


  • Rigid shaft design with minimized deflection at the seal faces to below API 610 criteria, provides a longer mechanical seal life
  • High rigidity baseplate designs are among the stiffest in the industry
  • Bearing housing cooling fins provide optimum heat transfer
  • API material options from S4 to D2 – NACE, low temperature and other material options available

Technical data on the CUP-OH2:

Capacity up to: 7,500 USgpm 1,700 m3/hr
Delivery up to: 1,148 ft 350 m
Temperature up to: 800°F 426°C
Speeds up to: 4,000 rpm
Flange drilling: ANSI or BS


  • Petroleum / refinery
  • Gas processing
  • Offshore installation
  • Desalination
  • Petrochemical
  • Nuclear / conventional power
  • Jet fuelling systems



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