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We believe that 'Customer Satisfaction' does not occur at the last stage of our work, ‘Satisfaction’ is the right vision and management in every process involved. This includes employees, business partners, and the delivery of our products and services to the customer.

We are a trading company supply equipment and technology with engineering services and focusing on industrial machinery for different processes in Oil and Gas Industry.

Representing leading manufacturers of equipments and engineering companies worldwide, ADA supplies a wide selection of accessories and systems in the Oil & Gas, Electric Power industries, including Micro turbines; Chokes, Actuation, Gears, CIP, WHCP & HPU; Process Equipment and Modules; Filtration and Separation Systems, UPS and DC Supply Systems; Flare and Burner Systems; Pumps for Conventional Power Plants; Compressor Packages; Compressors for Refrigeration, Gas Compression and Chillers; Ledeen actuators.

Committed to excellence is how we keep our promises and take care of our responsibilities to the customer. All of our employees aim to create the best work results possible
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Finding the right solution for your demands. Supporting customers in all stages from start to finish.

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We work with customers as a friend to help find the right product and solution according to customer specifications. Years of experience brings us the achievement in successfully cutting the cost of plant turnaround, time reduction on shut down maintenance, environmentally friendly, zero inventory, and etc.

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