Update News
    • 2016-07-04 15:21:48
      PVGas South và PVGazprom NGV thỏa thuận hợp tác tăng cường sử dụng khí thiên nhiên cho ngành giao thông vận tải
    • 2016-07-04 14:59:08
      Saudi Aramco rút lui, tương lai nào cho dự án lọc dầu Nhơn Hội?
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    Welcome to ADA Engineering Co., Ltd

    ADA Engineering Co., Ltd represents international manufacturers of equipment and engineering companies and assists them to sell their high-tech equipment and services to our customers.

    Our product portfolio consists mainly of high-tech equipment used in the oil & gas industry where superior quality and stability is required for continuing operations. Therefore, we at ADA only offer the best from qualified manufacturers around the world to ensure the maximum convenience to our customers.

    ADA believes that satisfied customers provide much more added value to our company. Therefore, we offer a wide range of aftermarket services. These include (but not limited to) Maintenance, Overhaul, Repair, Field Service and Contract & Asset Management.

    Our values

    Representing leading manufacturers of equipments and engineering companies worldwide, ADA supplies a wide selection of accessories and systems in the Oil & Gas, Electric Power industries, including Micro turbines; Chokes, Actuation, Gears, CIP, WHCP & HPU; Process Equipment and Modules; Filtration and Separation Systems, UPS and DC Supply Systems; Flare and Burner Systems; Pumps for Conventional Power Plants; Compressor Packages; Compressors for Refrigeration, Gas Compression and Chillers; Ledeen actuators.

    Our goals

    Our vision is to progress in the engineering industries through continuous improvement and enhancement to become the One-stop Engineering Solution Provider with a qualified and competent staff of engineers and sale executives and .